Figuro is a free, online 3D modeling app. It can be used for game development, 3d printing, architecture and so on.

Figuro is a polygonal modeling application. It allows you to create 3D models and manipulate their vertices, edges and polygons using various powerful 3D tools.

High-end apps like Blender and Maya may be too complicated for your needs. 3D software for beginners may not offer the features you need. Figuro fits right in the middle.

Use Figuro if you're looking for powerful 3D tools wrapped in a friendly user-interface. It is easier to use than most other 3D software. Above all, it's fun and free!

Visit Figuro at

  • Completely online. No installation required. Works anywhere.
  • Polygonal modeling with a whole bunch of 3D editing tools.
  • Booleans. UV editing. Subdivision modeling.
  • OBJ/STL import and export.
  • 3D gallery to show off your models.
  • Video tutorials to get you up and running.
Release date Sep 14, 2017
Tags3D, 3d-design, 3d-modeling, 3d-printing, game-development, makered, Moddable

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